Circelcube Video Player 3.0 Stock Flash Video Player at ActiveDen


My latest stock flash video player of mine was just added to the database of stock flash items at activeDen. Go check it out and if you like it, download it for use in your projects! I’ve got lots in it for you. I’m using the principles I used as the architect for the video player for stomperNet and then at cornerstone media group in this decked out video player. Go get circlecube’s awesome stock flash video player.


An extensively customizable yet simple video player. Integrate the video into your user experience with javascript integration as well as Google Analytics tracking on the video interaction! Control functionality, layout and colors of the player easily! Plus don’t sweat the embed codes – an embed code generator included!

Let your video be the focus!


  • Includes an embed script generator! With options for swfobject implementation or simple valid html object tags (or both)!
  • Embed generator makes setting your settings easy with a Live Preview!circlecube-video-embed-preview
  • Supports flv, f4v and any container format using H.264: mp4, m4a, mov, mp4v, 3GP, 3G2.
  • All images and video loaded externally
  • Run this player without additional files, just pass in the flv path and thumbnail path.
  • Supports most image file types: jpg, gif, png.
  • Google Analytics Integration (event tracking) – Uses on page analytics account or a specified account on a per video setting in flashvars.
  • Load any dimension video. Completely resizable
  • Set player width and height
  • Set video width and height
  • Full screen capabilities
  • All colors fully customizable in flashvars
  • Use a preview/thumbnail image.
  • Auto play option
  • Auto load option – in case you had a bunch of video on one page you wouldn’t want them all to auto load.
  • Supports Window Mode options. window, transparent, opaque
  • Video scale/stretching options: none, exact, uniform, fill.
  • Javascript callback functions for loading video and finishing video playback.
  • Show a big play button over the video
  • Show/hide “vcr” video player controls
  • Advanced volume controls, click to mute or drag to desired volume. Volume fades rather than cuts.
  • Support for a logo
  • Controls auto-hide
  • 60k file size
  • Time code display in current time or elapsed time. click to toggle
  • Tooltips for controls
  • Send video files to player dynamically (with an html link on a page send a video to play)
  • Replay video after complete
  • Progressive play and load displays. Watch as the video loads and see the scrub bar update as you watch.
  • Scrub bar is interactive click and drag. Tooltip to display hovered time.
  • Animated play controls.
  • Buttons states & tooltips.
  • All player graphics are vector shapes and very small in size.
  • Fully rearrange player controls
  • Option to disable fullscreen
  • Display video title and description – html content (may contain links)
  • Video controls also in context menu


StomperNet Going Natural 3 Web Design

gn3_1Site built for Going Natural 3, free series of videos to promote the re-opening of StomperNet. Includes flash video and html template design in drupal all styled with custom made themes and css. Users were prompted to subscribe with email address and then allowed to view the premium video content and comment. Site discontinued, but video content still available at stomperblog.gn3_2

The Free Line | Logo Design

Brad Fallon had me make a Logo for his new site, The Free Line Report.
free line logo

About the Free Line:

The Free Line is based on the concept of “Moving the Free Line� — the idea that you can grow your business, faster and more effectively, by giving away more.

Today is the age of short attention spans where interruption ads bombard us every waking minute. If you want to get more new customers, you’re better off figuring out how to give more — a lot more — first.

About the Free Line Report:

The Free Line Report is a short video podcast about internet marketing, online video, Web 2.0, and e-business.

With less than two minutes per day, you can keep up with the latest news you can use.

New Circle Cube Logo

Here’s the new circlecube logo! I’ve had it for a while, but hadn’t uploaded it.

I still have to update my theme to incorporate it. I like the green transparent circlecube graphic in the header now but it’s gotta go… and plus it’s a little too green.

Circle Cube Logo Dec 2007

The common 2d © symbol and a 3d cube.
I’ll have to figure out a way to make it interactive… hm…

Any ideas?

Exit Poster

Poster for my BFA Digital Media Exit show

exit poster

Exit 2007
Digital Media
The University of Georgia
Lamar Dodd School of Art
Visual Arts Building
285 South Jackson Street
Athens Georgia 30602

May 4th through May 10th
Opening Reception May 4th 7:00 -9:00
Performance at 8:00

Evan Mullins
Lauren Macdonald

Exit Card

Here’s my card I made for my graduation BFA Exit Show. For the show I’ve made a game called “iKill”

exit Card

Digital Media
Exit 2007

Evan Mullins

May 4th through May 10th
Opening Reception May 4th 7:00 -9:00

The University of Georgia
Lamar Dodd School of Art
Visual Arts Building
285 South Jackson Street
Athens Georgia 30602

Circle Cube

Circle cube graphic pushing colors. Thinking of the design as shapes in a stained glass window.

circle cube mixed up

ARST4810 CAD Fab class exhibition.
My Shattered Little World
Slide, Circle cube

Published in the Flagpole, April 4th 2007:
Rhinoceros Makes Art: Students in Michael Oliveri’s Computer Aided Design and Fabrication class at UGA are exhibiting their work in the Thomas Street Gallery. Using the computer program Rhinoceros, the students have created a diverse set of images.J.B. Courson ‘s “Alpha Hab and Worker Drones” could be plans for the set of a Star Wars movie. Caroline Covington’s “Closure” re-invents the kamikaze bomb, with essential accompanying text. Diana Gurley’s circular imagery hovers on the page like hot-air balloons. Matthew McDonald’s “Lupa Ad Nauseam,” as the Latin title states, is an image of a wolf vomiting. The drawing of the wolf appears to be taken from a realistically executed etching, while the vomit is discretely portrayed as a splatter of color. Edward Whelan’s abstract geometric piece looks back to the Italian Futurists, with a fresh new design. Evan Mullins and Louis Grabowski have both created images of realistic-looking objects of play. Works by Andy Anzardo, Alex Castellanos, Jason Maddox, Chris Merz, Winston Parker and John Powers are also included in the show, which runs through Apr. 5, so hurry! The Thomas Street Gallery is located in UGA’s Sculpture Annex just off Broad Street.