Speaker at WordCamp Raleigh – WP REST API

I’m pleased to be a Speaker at WordCamp Raleigh as well this year. It will be all about the WordPress REST API! WordCamp has been a quick turnaround in Raleigh, it’s already coming up this weekend, September 24-25th, and my speaking time is Saturday afternoon at 4pm. I’ll discuss the forthcoming API, which is partly integrated into WordPress core, but in order to use still requires we install the feature plugin. I’ll recap the history so we know where the API came from, talk about what it means to the WordPress ecosystem, and the web as a whole, that every site will have an API built-in. We’ll talk about routes and endpoints and authentication as well as look at some brave examples that are using this beta feature in production! Get your tickets (there are still about a dozen available) and come out out to Raleigh, North Carolina for WordCamp 2016.wordcamp-raleigh-hero-2016

WordCamp Presentation

WP API, what is it good for? Absolutely Everything!

See the Power of the WP API. Now that every WordPress website has (or will have) an API built-in, what can you do with it? It allows us to further separate the data from the code. Use WordPress to manage our data and then via the API easily access or update that data to power whatever we like. We’ll touch how to set it up and a handful of examples and then explore an iOS app pulling all it’s data and assets from a WordPress site via this API.


This will be geared for developers with some “how to” but also for everyone interested in the power of WordPress and where things are heading.

  • Learn how to spell WP-API
  • Learn about the power and flexibility it brings to WordPress
  • See it working in a live app

I’ll update this post with slides and links and notes and maybe one day even a video of the presentation as WordCamp Raleigh. I’m excited to meet the Raleigh WordCamp enthusiasts and share what I can with them as well as the WordPress community as a whole. It’s been quite a busy year as far as speaking and especially this fall, as in 2 weeks I’ll be down in Orlando for another WordCamp.

Speaker at WordCamp Orlando – Intro to WordPress Development

I’ll be a WordCamp Speaker in Orlando this year. WordCamp Orlando is October 8th and my speaking time is Saturday afternoon. My presentation topic will be a crash course intro to development for beginners. I’ve given some presentations similar to this at work and have even had pieces of this presentation in parts of other talks I have given, but it will be nice to just focus the whole time on the intro for attendees that feel dev presentations get too deep too quickly.orlando-wordcamp-hero

So You Wanna Dev? Join the Team!

“WP Dev/tools for beginners: ftp, git, svn, php, html, css, sass, js, jquery, IDEs, themes, child themes, the loop, hooks, APIs, CLI, agile, bootstrap, SEO, slack… etc.
We’ll discuss the language and various acronyms and buzzwords used by devs in this crash course introduction to the developer’s world. Overview of primary development processes and terms and what software is needed to play the game. We’ll cover what you need to go from zero to developer and hopefully how to have fun on the way.”

I’ve been a WordCamp Speaker in the past, but it’s been specific to Atlanta. Orlando will be fun and I’m excited about the KidsCamp sessions they have going too!

WordCamp parents can now usher in the next generation of WordPress builders at our first annual KidsCamp! Parents attending WordCamp can bring their junior builders along and enjoy a day of parent-child learning under the tutelage of some of our WordPress Master Builders!

WordCamp Orlando 2016 will be at the UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management in south Orlando! So get your tickets and bring the kids. I may or may not be stopping in to Harry Potter World while I’m in town. =)

WordPress Slider Plugin that's Responsive

It seems that every site lately has some sort of slider in it. I'm interested in this plugin that will get the redundant work and even be responsive from the guy(s) at DevPress. I hope to be trying this out on my next project.

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Plugin Release: Responsive Slider | Professional WordPress Themes | DevPress
There is a new DevPress product, and this time it's not a theme. It's a plugin! We just released Responsive Slider. Responsive Slider plugin. Many of you have asked for a theme with slider, an…

Design Patters are everywhere

Design patters are more abstract that code snippets. Think about the information the pattern is displaying and the problems it aims to solve before you think about what it should look like.

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Understanding design patterns in your everyday work – (Ryan Singer)
The concept of design ”patterns” is widely misunderstood. I want to give you a solid understanding of what patterns really are and how they reflect what designers already do every day. What is the mis…

My kids are gonna love this

They're always telling me the web needs more monster trucks!

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Monster desert trucking
Another amazing piece of work from OutsideOfSociety. Honestly, I think sometimes we should just automatically draw in new pages on his site and apply some gushing comments. It’d save us all a lot of effort. This time, he’s made a simple monster truck game in WebGL where you drive around the sand dunes picking up stars. It’s incredibly playable and fun, with gorgeous details like sand particles and lens flare. It’s built with three.js and seems to include some physics code from Bartek Drozdz (…

Link: Why I Go Home: A Developer Dad’s Manifesto | A Work in Progress

Reminds me of a Harold B. Lee quote, “The most important of the Lord’s work that you will ever do will be the work you do within the walls of your own home”

Link: Why I Go Home: A Developer Dad’s Manifesto | A Work in Progress – (http://adamschepis.com/blog/2011/09/15/why-i-go-home-a-dads-manifesto/#) from (author unknown) at adamschepis.com

Hiatus Apologies

I’ve neglected this site lately, 6 months to be exact. Combine busy times, new jobs, summer trips skipping the country and websites are sometimes the first to be neglected.

oh canada

But, I’m planning on being back. I want to shift towards sharing more links and quick tips, partly because reading the internet had become more of a 140 characters ADHD process. I’ll be writing less tutorials in the sense that I’ve been writing, but I’m planning on having much more content, just less demanding on my time. I don’t have time to write a book and no one wants to read it anyways (myself included). We just want to see cool new things and tips and quick solutions to issues. So, I’m going to be sharing a lot more links pointing to cool things and tricks. I’ve shifted from flash animation it seems to more jQuery and CMS programming and less flash. But I don’t mind too much, although I still enjoy flash immensely, many of the same things we once had to rely on plugins to achieve, we can now do with javascript. It’s really the same end result just using different technologies. So expect some snippets and quick examples rather than complete walkthroughs. I’ll focus on all things interactive (as usual) but will include a broader range of things.

On another note, I’ve started a new job (again). I’m now at The Jones Group, downtown Atlanta. The advertising industry wasn’t for me, and I’m happy to be Interactive Director at the Jones Group working on making some really cool & interactive websites! You can bet, I’ll be sharing details of them as they launch (I’ve actually got a backlog waiting already).


redworksI just realized that I hadn’t updated the site about it, but I’m now (since a couple months) interactive designer/developer with Redworks, subsidiary or Ogilvy & Mather in Atlanta! I’ll be doing all kinds of interactive designing and programming, specifically with flash and I’m stoked to be waist deep in Flash and as3 daily.

What? You ask is RedWorks? Well, I have been explaining it to so many that I figured I’d post this awesome video that explains it better than I ever could! Enjoy, this if from the RedWorks 3D office in NY.

Get file path easier on a mac with applescript | Copy Path script droplet

An issue I’ve had with managing multiple files and versions of files and different servers and emailing files around to different people throughout a process… you get the idea.

I looked for a way to get the path to a file like a url online. that would be easy for anyone to navigate to, while not having to type it manually. I know it’s a small thing, but these small things add up…

So first I was surprised that mac os x doesn’t do this out of the box. I’m pretty sure it was easy enough to do in windows. Although when you control-click and “Get Info” the location of that file is displayed in the window, you can’t select it. So if you really want to type it this is your solution. I found it really annoying that you couldn’t select the text and copy it.

Then I read somewhere that you could open a terminal window and drop a file into it, then the path to the file would be printed in the terminal. Awesome, but not very useful for me, it is rare that I have a terminal window open and the process is a bit lengthy since my main drive for this is to save time (and typos) from having to type the path myself of take a screen shot of the path in either the finder or the get info window. I thought about venturing into apple script, a realm I’ve heard a bit about but never ventured alone.

After some initial tuts and intros to applescript it seems like a very feasible task. I want to either set up a shortcut so I can select the file and hit a couple keys and have the path copied to my clipboard or have a droplet in my dock to drop a file into which will copy the file’s path to my clipboard and then I can easily paste the file path into an email in a matter of seconds and trust that they will be able to navigate to the correct file.

Thanks to this great forum post I was able to find what I needed!

droplet in dock
I created a droplet with applescript to copy a files path to my clipboard (code below) and then put it into my dock for easy access! Create your own “Copy Path” droplet with this code or download mine here

[cc lang=”applescript”]
I use this script to show people where to find files on our LAN.
Just drop a few files/folders onto this droplet and their pathes will be copied and put on the clipboard.

on open these_items
set myItems to itemSort(these_items) — v1.0.5 ASCIIsort failed on older versions of applescript. — CBT; 10/5/99

set path_str to “” as string

repeat with i from 1 to the count of myItems
set this_item to item i of myItems
set posix_path to POSIX path of this_item

— For now I’m stripping the preceding ‘/Volumes’ string for external
— drives so I don’t clutter my build logs.
set shortened_path to do shell script ”
echo \”” & posix_path & “\” | sed ‘s|/Volumes||’

set path_str to path_str & shortened_path & return
–set path_str to path_str & posix_path & return
end repeat

— Copy plain text to the clipboard.
set the clipboard to «class ktxt» of ((the path_str as text) as record)
end open

on itemSort(my_list)
set the index_list to {}
set the sorted_list to {}
repeat (the number of items in my_list) times
set the low_item to “”
repeat with i from 1 to (number of items in my_list)
if i is not in the index_list then
set this_item to item i of my_list
if the low_item as text is “” then
set the low_item to this_item
set the low_item_index to i
else if this_item as text comes before the low_item as text then
set the low_item to this_item
set the low_item_index to i
end if
end if
end repeat
set the end of sorted_list to the low_item
set the end of the index_list to the low_item_index
end repeat
return the sorted_list
end itemSort

context menu ui nightmareAlso I was able to use automator to create a context menu item – although I prefer the droplet since I don’t have to fool with the accuracy required to navigate through nested context menu items. I’m still yet to create a shortcut that will make it the fastest, but this is a big step in the right direction. It’s one thing I love about computers, and I guess life in general, where there’s a will there’s usually a way (especially when forums are involved). Figured I’d post this for posterity and in case any of you are wishing your mac could do this too.

Cornerstone Media Group | Atlanta Web Design

csmediagroup redesignI’ve joined Cornerstone Media Group of Atlanta as the Senior Web Designer and Front-End coder! A bit stale as far as news goes, I’m going on 6 months already. The reason I bring it up now is that we’ve just relaunched our website. This new look is not just about new appearances and aesthetics, it is about a new approach. The redesigned website has new features that make the user experience easier and more intuitive. There is a dynamic portfolio and the company blog is tied more into the site and more into the business. Most employees are signed on as an author on the blog. We’ll do our best to flood the inter-web with good content related to what we do and our expertise. Three of our most popular business solutions now are highlighted buttons that can take you straight to landing pages with more in depth information on each solution; SEO, Web Design and E-Commerce. The redesigned website offers a freshness that comes with change. We hope you enjoy your new experience at cornerstone. If you’re in need of any web services chances are we’ll have a solution at CSMediaGroup.