HTML5 Game Lux Ahoy

The visuals for the game are great and the concept a familiar one. You control the angle and power of your canon and try to destroy your opponent. This great execution of this fun game uses a few new js libraries: Box2d, SoundJS, and Easel. Luxurious Animals, the agency behind it, has even blogged a bit about how they put it all together.

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Lux Ahoy
Lux Ahoy is a new Worms-style combat game created by New York based digital agency Luxurious Animals. Played out as a battle between the

Design Patters are everywhere

Design patters are more abstract that code snippets. Think about the information the pattern is displaying and the problems it aims to solve before you think about what it should look like.

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Understanding design patterns in your everyday work – (Ryan Singer)
The concept of design ”patterns” is widely misunderstood. I want to give you a solid understanding of what patterns really are and how they reflect what designers already do every day. What is the mis…

Very fun concept

Rememeber Mavis Bacon? This is an actual fun way to improve your typist skills. Space invaders + typing = Z-Type!

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Link: Z-Type – an R-Type style typing game
Everyone loves old school arcade games (if they say they don’t, they’re probably lying). The only real problem with them is that unless you’re Billy Mitchell it’s quite difficult to get away with finding an excuse to play them for as long as you’d like to. Z-Type comes to the rescue. It’s a very addictive space shoot-em-up where you destroy the bad guys by learning to type. That’s a pretty cool way to learn! The game is written using the impact.js game library (costing $99) which takes care o…