I have joined the WordPress Contributor Team at Bluehost

I’ve Joined Bluehost

I am very excited to share that I’m starting a new role with Bluehost! I’m truly excited to join the small team of sponsored WordPress experts to actively contribute to the open-source project. My responsibilities entail working on internal initiatives helping customers succeed in their efforts and contributing to WordPress core. I’ll still be part of a distributed team and work remotely and even continue to travel.

It is an interesting shift to move into a “product” mindset from an “agency” one. Coming from the familiar agency space where I focused my time on high-profile projects for high-paying clients. Where in the product space, I’ll build fewer things but for a larger application. Plus I’ll put more effort into WordPress itself (which benefits the whole internet). I’m looking forward to the shift to less busy but higher impact.

I have been excited by the idea of contributing to WordPress ever since the first few patches I nervously submitted core. Thus, improving over 40% of sites on the internet! Then I set a personal goal to consistently contribute better to the WordPress project. It is always hard to find the time in a busy agency, but I’m stoked that it will be built into my new role!

Moving On

Leaving 10up wasn’t an easy decision. I had a wonderful time at 10up working on a fully distributed team. It was a cool upgrade to working with a really smart team full of WordPress expertise. Before, I’d always been the defacto WordPress guy at smaller agencies. 10up was even accommodating to my international house-sitting travel plans and things went well as took my family on tour (even when jumping timezones regularly)!

I really enjoyed the teams I worked on and the projects were pushing technical boundaries and solving interesting problems. I enjoyed working on websites for household names like Campell’s Soup, Facebook, Velcro, and even Google. I was even able to contribute in a few small ways to WordPress core and some rather large open-source plugins along the way. Part of me of course is sad to say goodbye and I will miss the daily interactions with friends I at 10up, but I expect to cross paths with many in my travels and eventually at WordCamps and other community events.

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