Mullins Family

Evan is happily married and a proud father of 4. He enjoys spending time away from work with his real job, his family. He’s also busy world traveling and unplugging to be outside camping, playing soccer and/or playing music.

Always interested in both design and technology, Evan studied Digital Media (and computer science, animation, and new media) and earned his BFA at the University of Georgia. Evan loves the cross-section of art and technology in which we find the web.

Professionally, Evan has worked with a slew of start-ups, small businesses, and digital agencies building websites: Cartoon Network, Ogilvy & Mather, Brand Fever, Brown Bag Marketing, and 10up. He is continually busy designing and developing interesting things online. Currently, he’s a WordPress Engineer contributing to core at Bluehost.

Since 2004, Evan has also run circlecube studio as blog and playground for open source experiments, and examples; and to simply share tips he learns along the way. The blog content centers around interactive coding principles and technologies. He gives back by sharing what he learns online as well as at conferences. He also keeps busy designing and developing hybrid web apps.

Evan enjoys travel and is currently a digital nomad and works remotely. Visit a site dedicated to his family’s nomad traveling adventures in house sitting and world schooling at nomaderwhere.com.