PhoneGap Build Starter Project

I'm liking Ryan's initiative to make PhoneGap Build documentation and workflow updated, bug-free and more streamlined. I've been using PhoneGap and phoneGap Build more and more and I've really been enjoying how simple it makes the process. I'm all for making it better still and think it will be hugely useful!

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The PhoneGap Starter Project | Ryan Stewart – Mountaineer Coding
As I've been digging more and more into PhoneGap Build I've also been discovering that there are some gaps in the workflow and that it's not always easy to go from a feature I want to use …

Design Patters are everywhere

Design patters are more abstract that code snippets. Think about the information the pattern is displaying and the problems it aims to solve before you think about what it should look like.

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Understanding design patterns in your everyday work – (Ryan Singer)
The concept of design ”patterns” is widely misunderstood. I want to give you a solid understanding of what patterns really are and how they reflect what designers already do every day. What is the mis…