Leveling Up Your Authorship Skills with Google Plus

Otto has a great post over on make.wordpress explaining how to associate your WordPress plugins with yourself as the author in Google search results. I just tried it, easy, and it worked.

While Google+ may not be the hot social area on the block, it does seem to have some benefits. Studies show that listings with a specified author receive much more clicks and attention than those that do not.

Who doesn’t want more attention to their hand-crafted WordPress plugins? More traffic? More readers? More leads? More collaborators…?

google authorship screenshotI think it makes the listing much more attractive as well, of course, that all depends on your mug too =)

Plugin authors developers are “contributors” to WordPress and should be benefiting from these Google author listings.

Go set up your WordPress profile with a link to Google+ as well as a link to your WordPress profile on your Google+ profile.

This gives Google the data they need to give you “credit” for your work in their search listings. Not that this by any means guarantees that your listings will include this data, but it does do all the set up so it is possible.

Google also provides a Rich Snippet Tool to preview and test that all your associations are set up properly. So don’t stop at WordPress. To me, this is all related to branding, and in having a consistent showing and presence across the web.

Stats on a Windows 8 Game

The Falling balls app seems to be Keith Peter's "Hello World" in exploring new development arenas. Here he walks us through how his first app is trending on Windows 8.

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Falling Balls Update | BIT-101
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Inverse Kinematics + Javascript = Cool Squid

Really nice animated movement. I can't get over how much life this little guy has. The pulse, and the trailing tentacles which don't always move the same way and just enough random thrown in for fun. This should be a game, but I can't decide if I'd rather be the squid or run from it. Nice work Justin!

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Muscular Hydrostats | CreativeJS
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Relationships between CS and JS

Keeping styles out of scripts helps us code better. Much easier and deliberate coding when the javascript only adds or removes classes and the actual styles are in the css rather than inline.

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Building A Relationship Between CSS & JavaScript | Smashing Coding
This article shows how to open up lines of communication between CSS and JavaScript and lean on the strengths of each language.

Trying to create a views-block to show content that shares a 'parent' (as…

Trying to create a views-block to show content that shares a 'parent' (as an entity reference) on a content node page, any ideas?

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Views Relationship/Contextual Filter for sibling nodes
I have a content type ‘property’ and a content type ‘park’. I’m using an Entity Reference field in the property to reference a park. The park is essentially a parent or neighborhood or that contains t…

Spinning Puzzels from Satellite Imagery

An app which creates spinning circular puzzles from the abstract landscape imagery from our satellites.

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Oko: An iPad App That Turns Satellite Photos Into Spinning Puzzles
I’m sure I’m not the only person who finds jigsaw puzzles totally maddening. It seems pretty clear that they’re a holdover from an era when the mean attention span could be measured in minutes, not se…

Collaborative Music Experience

"Play" JAM in your favorite browser and with others. You choose an instrument and join a group to create tunes. This is some amazing work and very nice design and experience.

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JAM With Chrome | CreativeJS
JAM with Chrome is a super fun collaborative live music experience that has been keeping the internet pretty busy ever since it went live. Pick and instrument, invite some friends, and jam the hours a…

Are price wars the future for Web Agencies?

"The culture of winning work at all costs forces good designers and developers to do bad things." Don't train clients to expect more for less, because then everyone looses and the work quality suffers. We need to make it easier for clients to understand what we deliver and how and how costs are calculated. Deliver more value with the same high quality deliverables to educate clients on what is good and why!

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Commoditising web design: is the price right? | Erskine Labs
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