Playing Bluegrass and Managing Business

Here's a great analogy about how a shared culture and standards can greatly inspire innovation and success. Playing music (bluegrass or not) each player "takes turns" at playing lead and all contribute to the whole. They play along the same set of standards but also improvise and bring their own flair and interpretation. Business leaders should learn from this and establish culture related standards, follow them and expect to contribute to a project bigger than self. 

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What Bluegrass Musicians Can Teach Business About Collaboration
A fiddler, a mandolin player, and a guitarist meet in a corner of a small pub, exchange some words of greeting and begin to tune and warm up their instruments. After a minute of tentative plucking and…

Style Checkboxes and radio buttons with CSS only

Using pseudo classes and labels we can simply style a checkbox in every modern browser! I had this idea and did a quick search to find that it's been done- and done well! 

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Creating Custom Form Checkboxes and Radio Buttons with Just CSS! | InsertHTML
In CSS we have many ways to style things in any way we want. When it gets to forms though, things get a little complicated. Text inputs are easy, but checkboxes and radio buttons are very difficult to…

My take on how the internet works

A post written for BrandFever, where I work. Working on teaching clients and coworkers the technical lingo they need to be effective in an interactive industry. It may develop into a series of digital 101 topics for the non-initiated. This one briefly describes how the internet and how it works – trying to keep it simple informative. It's a really big world wide network – not rocket surgery.

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Digital 101: Understanding How the Internet Works Will Benefit Every Web Design Project – Brand Fever | Brand and Marketing Firm
Being a web developer, I'm in the trenches of the web every day. I speak digital, web, interactive, ux, css, html, embed, script, etc. I am familiar and even comfortable with the terms and language of…

Collection of fun javascript experiments from Creative JS

I really enjoy most everything curated from Creative JS. These are particularly superb.


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Latest Creative Links
Once again, it’s time for a small collection of the links we’ve been sharing on our Facebook page.
Strange Attractors

We had a day of hypnotic mathematical wonders a couple of weeks ago when we shared a lot of Strange Attractors.
Jacob Seidelin’s introduction is a nice place to start to get an idea of what they are all about. We then have the De Jong Attractor by Jeremy Ashkenas before Felix Woitzel demonstrates both the Rikitake Attractor and t…

The Web is the future and present and is right

Ryan puts many of my thoughts to words here. The web is open and available, with devices getting better and better we will have more expectation and familiarity with mobile browsers being as good as desktop. Why do I need to download an app for every function I'd do on my phone or every website I visit? No, this is not the answer, the whole point to the web is easily sharing information; making information accessible. Mobile explodes this! But not by pushing apps at people and storing app on them. The connectivity to the web is the real power of a mobile device. The web is where it's at =)

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The Mobile Web is Always the Right Answer | Ryan Stewart – Mountaineer Coding
It's been interesting to continue to watch the fallout of Facebook's native announcement because so many smart people are discussing the web versus native dynamic. What I find both fascinating and odd…