Circle Cube

Circle cube graphic pushing colors. Thinking of the design as shapes in a stained glass window.

circle cube mixed up

ARST4810 CAD Fab class exhibition.
My Shattered Little World
Slide, Circle cube

Published in the Flagpole, April 4th 2007:
Rhinoceros Makes Art: Students in Michael Oliveri’s Computer Aided Design and Fabrication class at UGA are exhibiting their work in the Thomas Street Gallery. Using the computer program Rhinoceros, the students have created a diverse set of images.J.B. Courson ‘s “Alpha Hab and Worker Drones” could be plans for the set of a Star Wars movie. Caroline Covington’s “Closure” re-invents the kamikaze bomb, with essential accompanying text. Diana Gurley’s circular imagery hovers on the page like hot-air balloons. Matthew McDonald’s “Lupa Ad Nauseam,” as the Latin title states, is an image of a wolf vomiting. The drawing of the wolf appears to be taken from a realistically executed etching, while the vomit is discretely portrayed as a splatter of color. Edward Whelan’s abstract geometric piece looks back to the Italian Futurists, with a fresh new design. Evan Mullins and Louis Grabowski have both created images of realistic-looking objects of play. Works by Andy Anzardo, Alex Castellanos, Jason Maddox, Chris Merz, Winston Parker and John Powers are also included in the show, which runs through Apr. 5, so hurry! The Thomas Street Gallery is located in UGA’s Sculpture Annex just off Broad Street.