Apple "support" with fixed position layouts

This really echo's the reasons why I still have trouble with the 'thoughts on flash' mentality (although, I know flash is irrelevant here). It's similar in that there is this self proclaimed 'support' for html5 (making needing flash irrelevant)… but in real life the devices are far from supporting HTML5. Support to apple and support to developers is a totally different story. Even many simple things that are HTML5 become very difficult in developing for iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices. Here's an example of many issues that result in attempting to use features that iOS claims to "support".

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Issues with position fixed & scrolling on iOS
With the release of iOS 5, fixed positioned layout is said to be supported in MobileSafari. The word supported needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, because there's all kinds of issues which I i…

Link: Why are standards such a good thing?

Flash is always the bleeding edge and can move/adapt much faster than html because it is controlled by one entity. Which is some people’s criticism – they don’t want to rely too much on Adobe, I partly agree, but I’d much rather rely on Adobe than many other tech companies: especially Microsoft, Apple or even Facebook…

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Design Matters

People are amazed at how well Apple is doing, they are doing better now than Microsoft! I think Apple understands the power of design and this has helped get them where they are now. Apple hardware/software (since they are almost the same thing) focus very heavily on appearance and design.

Alex of Airtight Interactive points out:

Apple understands that laptops and phones are the new watches and jewelry. We are using them majority of our waking life. They define us to the people around us. They need to be both functional and beautiful. Apple products have plenty of hardware and software issues, but people are willing to forgive them since the products are so nice to look at.

He also points to the design by Andrew Kim that I love. I hope other companies get into their heads the fact that design really IS that important!

Why I {heart} Flash and a Smart Point for Adobe

nytimes example of adobe ad Checking out an interesting article about Diaspora (back the project and the cause if you can) on NYTimes and then I noticed the words adobe and Apple in the same space. The ad reads “We Love Apple” and is followed by the Adobe logo. What a joke I thought, it takes a lot of gumption for Adobe to say they love Apple right now, but I’m sure they really do. Despite all the negative things Apple has been doing and saying towards Flash and Adobe in general. I admit I’m biased, but…

I {heart} flash

I would rather stop using Apple than stop using Adobe. I agree with the openness and empowering software that Adobe provides. True, it’s expensive and true it’s not perfect, but I’ve found Adobe to be a great company that cares about the web and progress. During the whole Flash/iPhone debate I’ve been bothered by the lack of response from Adobe. It was nice that they were above the name calling and flat out lying that Steve Jobs and Apple have turned to, but to be honest- a little disheartening that they had nothing to say. Then the ‘Thoughts on Flash’ came out and I was amazed at the silence from Adobe. This is the perfect and genius response to the unprofessional lashes from Apple. From the 3.3.1 iPhone developer clause to the sheer CLOSEDness of Apple in general. I used to be a big fan of Apple because they made a great product. Perhaps I gave them a little boost because who doesn’t like an underdog. But they have proven to me at least to be more closed and more evil than even Microsoft when they packaged IE with their OS. (Although Apple has done that too with Safari and iTunes, but I digress).

What we don’t love is anybody taking away your freedom to choose what you create, how you create it, and what you experience on the web.

I give props to Adobe. They were surely disturbed when Apple declared war on flash, but rather than stooping to the level of Steve Jobs, they thought it out and made an honorable move. I know it’s not the end, but if things continue a check-mate/game-point-match may be in order by the end of the decade…

Learn more at adobe. We love choice and the Truth about Flash.
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Apple and Flash and HTML5 | Flash not dead

The main reason I decided to write this was foxtrot:
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The “community” is bringing out so-called enemies of flash. But I think the web is what it is today to a great part because of flash. I hope apple will one day open up and actually make the best web experience possible by putting flash on the iProducts (but seriously doubt Mr Jobs will ever come to his senses). The way I see it, blocking flash on apple products is a business decision (as flash would compete with the cash flow of the app store) cloaked in a technical and sorry excuse and passing the blame onto the very company (Adobe) which has repeatedly tried to work with mac to achieve improvements.

HTML5 killing flash? Flash not dead!

I could write paragraphs about it, I for one am very excited about the new possibilities with html5 and css3 and even cs5! I could go on but I’ll just reference some of the best articles I’ve seen:
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