Apple and Flash and HTML5 | Flash not dead

The main reason I decided to write this was foxtrot:
foxtrot ipad flash

The “community” is bringing out so-called enemies of flash. But I think the web is what it is today to a great part because of flash. I hope apple will one day open up and actually make the best web experience possible by putting flash on the iProducts (but seriously doubt Mr Jobs will ever come to his senses). The way I see it, blocking flash on apple products is a business decision (as flash would compete with the cash flow of the app store) cloaked in a technical and sorry excuse and passing the blame onto the very company (Adobe) which has repeatedly tried to work with mac to achieve improvements.

HTML5 killing flash? Flash not dead!

I could write paragraphs about it, I for one am very excited about the new possibilities with html5 and css3 and even cs5! I could go on but I’ll just reference some of the best articles I’ve seen:
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