iKill Flash Game Art


iKill: Pick Fruit, Be Happy, Keep Killing

iKill_5I developed this game for my Digital Media Thesis. I wanted to do a project that was interactive, and enjoying flash I decided to create it in the form of a game. The project called “iKill’ is Installation Game Art, and is also available online. It explores multiple these, such as man in nature, globalization, fast food, economics, etc. The game was part of an installation for the Digital Media Exit show of Spring 2007. I kept progress of the game online at my digmeexit blog with incremental demo versions of the project. The installation had a fully interactive game and used game controller to play. In the game you play the generic man and work through the work week. Your job is to pick fruit as it grows on the trees. You receive your wages according to your harvest and at the end of the day you “cash out” and earn your happiness (how else but with Happy Meals). You do encounter obstacles and must kill the bugs before they deprive you of your happy harvest! It is pretty simple critique on a culture that equates unhealthy food to happiness without regard to the environment, and equates a mindless 40 hour work week and competitive salary to a full life. For more details visit the development blog (digmeexit.blogspot)

Play Online Version of iKill

Use the arrows to move, space bar to pause, ‘z’ to jump and ‘x’ to swat.