Git – the paradigm shift

A great developer story about the differences on what Git is vs other version control and what Git is not. This is how we should learn it. I heard over and over that it was distributed, but never grasped what that meant, so here are a few links and explanations that will help unlearn version control as you thought it and learn the Git way.

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Zeh Fernando » Blog Archive » How I learned to stop worrying and love Git
Git. The trendy source control management system. Like many other of my peers, I've been using GitHub for a while (for personal projects, in my case). For the longest time, however, I felt like th…

"Common" Breakpoints are missing the point

Great article from Jeremy Keith about the nonsense it is to use breakpoints determined by devices. The whole point of responsive web design is to make your designs flexible. Let's not only target certain widths, let's just finish the thought and make it a great experience no matter what width it is. Let the content determine the breakpoints.

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Adactio: Journal—Fanfare for the common breakpoint
“Common” breakpoints are the new fold.

Boston Globe Responsive Process Interview w Scott Jehl

Some good insight into the thought process behind the "famous" responsive web (re)design for the Boston Globe. I think the discussions about the fallbacks and technical challenges very important. Sites should be optimized to have a low overhead and build with the worst oldest devices in mind as well as the latest and best.

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Scott Jehl on the responsive Boston Globe site | Interview | .net magazine
Opera’s Bruce Lawson talks to Scott Jehl of The Filament Group about developing the highly-regarded and responsive website for The Boston Globe

Link: Tiered, Adaptive Front-end Experiences

Great summery of all the things I’ve thought about regarding cross browser design. I hadn’t thought about the TV example before, but it is true. TV has solved this problem seemingly without a headache. Old tvs show black and white, small screens may crop the image, while widescreen shows full picture and HD shows HD. It’d be crazy to only show black and white picture because you don’t want the content to look different on one tv box vs another. Browsers should be the same story.

Link: Tiered, Adaptive Front-end Experiences – ( from (author unknown) at Paul Irish