Boston Globe Responsive Process Interview w Scott Jehl

Some good insight into the thought process behind the "famous" responsive web (re)design for the Boston Globe. I think the discussions about the fallbacks and technical challenges very important. Sites should be optimized to have a low overhead and build with the worst oldest devices in mind as well as the latest and best.

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Scott Jehl on the responsive Boston Globe site | Interview | .net magazine
Opera’s Bruce Lawson talks to Scott Jehl of The Filament Group about developing the highly-regarded and responsive website for The Boston Globe

Polyfill for Proposed HTML Element for Picture

Here's a polyfill from Scott Jehl to be used to begin testing the newly proposed picture element. This element, much like the video element, would allow for multiple sources which could then be tied to media queries to enable different images to be used/loaded for different breakpoints. This would mainly benefit those working on Responsive Web Design. It's great to see some progress on Responsive Images.

Demo URL (check the source):
Code on Github:

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Polyfilling picture without the overhead | Responsive Images Community Group
In an early post, I offered up a sample picture element implementation in JavaScript (a polyfill) that we could use to play with and plan how the element should behave when/if implemented. The script …