Picture element of srcset attribute?

Bruce details the reasons and story behind the srcset attribute which is now introduced as an alternative to the picture element. Some aspects of the attribute are nice (like the fact that it's an attribute and not a new element, so it's creating up new elements with for problems. It's adapting currently used elements to be more future-friendly), but some aspects are weird – like the totally foreign syntax (where did that come from?). There is also some worry that the elements that are proposed and introduced by the community get nowhere, but then a when someone at apple makes a proposal it gets new immediate support from the group. Anyways, either way I think one of these solutions (or a variant) should help alleviate much of the pain behind responsive images. At least the discussion is happening, no?

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Polyfill for Proposed HTML Element for Picture

Here's a polyfill from Scott Jehl to be used to begin testing the newly proposed picture element. This element, much like the video element, would allow for multiple sources which could then be tied to media queries to enable different images to be used/loaded for different breakpoints. This would mainly benefit those working on Responsive Web Design. It's great to see some progress on Responsive Images.

Demo URL (check the source): http://scottjehl.com/picturefill/
Code on Github: https://github.com/scottjehl/picturefill

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Polyfilling picture without the overhead | Responsive Images Community Group
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