3 Plugins that Improved My Workflow in 2012 – WP Daily

I’ve guest authored a post on wpdaily.co: 3 Plugins that Improved My Workflow in 2012.

The post describes the 3 plugins that I used during the past year which transformed my workflow (in good ways). They are BackupBuddy, Gravity Forms and Advanced Custom Fields.

Have any comments? Favorite Plugins? Please, jump over to the post on wpdaily.co and add to the discussion!

Heavy Collision Prediction Math

I've wanted to solve this issue a couple times but usually ended up faking it once I realized how complex the math was going to be. Here is the proof, I'm pretty sure I never would have med it this far had I tried. It's a great resource and I found it understandable too. So, hopefully next time, I'll have the time to try it out!

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Predicting Collision Points With Math in AS3 | Activetuts+
In my previous tutorial about collision detection between a circle and a line, I covered projection on a line using the dot product of a vector. In this