WordPress updates plugin directory

New additions to the plugin directory include: favorites, incorporating support forums into it's own tab for each plugin as well as support stats being displayed! Great!

I think we also need the ability to give plugins ratings and reviews (bonus points if it can be done from within a wordpress admin dashboard when installing plugins).

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Plugin Directory Refreshed
Been hanging out with a few WordPress.org hackers — Scott, Nacin, and Otto — the last few days in a BBQ-fueled haze of hacking to make plugin directory better. There are over 19,000 plugins listed a…

circlecube's New Clothes – Theme Redesign

blog-circlecube-com pageThanks for your patience as I’ve been tinkering with the theme, layout and css of circlecube.com.

old theme
old theme

The last theme I used was badly broken with the wordpress 2.8 update and then I noticed the developer actually discontinued support for the theme! So I had an opportunity to delve into wordpress theming. I’d been reading about child themes and wanted a nice stable basic parent theme to build from. Cue thematic framework. It was a great learning experience building a child theme for myself, many thanks to Ian Stewart for all the tips help and tuts to help me though it, not to mention for creating thematic .

new theme
new theme

I’ve kept the color scheme and general look of the site the same. So the reason I’m going on about it is I think I’m finished… and I’m asking you to let me know if you see anything that looks odd or fishy, or even just want to make a suggestion or comment on how much you like/hate the redesign. Comment on this post or contact me!

And as always, if there’s something you would like me to write about or have questions you can also contact me. I’ve even set up a poll in the sidebar showing post ideas I have which you can vote on and encourage me to write the one(s) you want most first! So let me know what you want, it encourages me to write more. And be sure to subscribe to the circlecube rss feed so you won’t miss anything that’s coming up!

Sideline Student Safety Zone Podcast | New Media Institute of the University of Georgia

I participated in the ‘Super Team’ in October 2006. Our mission was to use new media to promote safety and fun during UGA’s fall break and the rival Georgia/Florida game (often termed as the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party)
The New Media Institute at The University of Georgia produced this podcast to promote the Sideline Student Safety Zone in Jacksonville, Florida during the Georgia Florida Game.

Visit the Sideline Student Safety Zone Podcast page at the New Media Institute