3 Plugins that Improved My Workflow in 2012 – WP Daily

I’ve guest authored a post on wpdaily.co: 3 Plugins that Improved My Workflow in 2012.

The post describes the 3 plugins that I used during the past year which transformed my workflow (in good ways). They are BackupBuddy, Gravity Forms and Advanced Custom Fields.

Have any comments? Favorite Plugins? Please, jump over to the post on wpdaily.co and add to the discussion!

WordPress updates plugin directory

New additions to the plugin directory include: favorites, incorporating support forums into it's own tab for each plugin as well as support stats being displayed! Great!

I think we also need the ability to give plugins ratings and reviews (bonus points if it can be done from within a wordpress admin dashboard when installing plugins).

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Plugin Directory Refreshed
Been hanging out with a few WordPress.org hackers — Scott, Nacin, and Otto — the last few days in a BBQ-fueled haze of hacking to make plugin directory better. There are over 19,000 plugins listed a…