Squambido from StomperNet

The new video player from StomperNet!

Feature Set: This Video Player is built in Adobe flash. I was involved in the actionscripting and design of the player and implementing many of the functions. There is a playlist imported into the player and even an html ‘sales pages’ loaded into the player. The progress bar shows download progress, watched progress and even history. It shows you how far you’ve ever watched in each specific video in the playlist, the “high-water mark”, and it lets you jump back to that spot easily by clicking in the progress bar. A feature I’m proud of is the mute, it doesn’t just cut the audio, but has a fade to silent quality- which even remembers your preferred volume if you come back to the page later. The player incorporates google analytics. Full Screen mode allows use of the entire monitor. Another ‘tab’ is used to show info about the author.

There is a lot packed into this one player, and we have plans to pack in even more!

Stompernet is using this player to promote their new line of content: Going Natural 2

[kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.stompernet.net/squambido/pagetest/squambido.swf” height=”338″ width=”450″ fvars=” playlistURL = http://www.stompernet.net/GoingNatural20/files/GoingNatural20Public.dhtml.xml ; autoplay = false ; awiz = 1126 ” allowfullscreen=”true” fversion=”9″ useexpressinstall=”true” allowscriptaccess=”always” /]

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  1. This Squambido player is property of StomperNet. Although you may sign up as an affiliate and embed the player on your own page earning affiliate credit through your viewers!
    The Squambido is also very similar to the video player at Freeiq.com, the site where you can upload your own content and share it anywhere.

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