Free IQ Player updated!

The video player at Free IQ now supports Google Analytics and remembers your history!

We’ve just released a few new features for the flash player. For the user, we’ve added a “high water” mark showing furthest point in the video you’ve watched. For the web-site owner who embeds a FreeIQ video player on their sites, we’re now integrated with Google Analytics to help you understand how users are engaging with your video. Read on…

For the User

Say you start a video one Saturday afternoon and don’t get to watch all of it, or you’re watching a video and you rewind because you missed a bit of content. The high water mark helps you know where in the video you left off.

The image below shows a player where the user has watched up to about 3 minutes, but rewound to minute 1. The green vertical bar in the timeline helps the viewer return to finish watching the video.

For the Hoster

If you embed a FreeIQ video player and use the free Google Analtyics solution, we’ll log entries to your analytics telling you how many folks start watching the video, completed watching the video, click through to your author page, etc.

Here’s the full table of events you’ll see in your analytics stream:

Log EntryUser Action
/freeiqvideo/playstart/(video name) start the video
/freeiqvideo/playcomplete/(video name) finish the video
/freeiqvideo/authorinfo/(authorHomepage)view author tab
/freeiqvideo/outgoing/freeiqauthorpage/(authorHomepage)click through to author homepage
/freeiqvideo/outgoing/freeiqiqpon/(authorHomepage)/(iqponPage) click through to iqpon
/freeiqvideo/email/(video name)send a share email
/freeiqvideo/embed/(video name) get embed codes

You can opt out of this by sending the parameter “useGoogleAnalytics” as false in the embed code, and of course, if you don’t use Google Analytics, nothing undesirable will happen. If you use Google Analytics on your site, this will automatically appear in your reports. If you don’t, you may want to consider adding Google Analytics to your site, at which point, these will begin appearing in your reports.

So, to our users, happy viewing. To our web-site owners, dedicated stats on viewership of video on your site is yet another reason to use FreeIQ.

Read the full article at: the FreeIQTeam blog