Free IQ Player Released!

Introducing our new Free IQ player! It’s got lots of new bells and whistles, and is the first player on the internet to directly incorporate e-commerce.

Let us take you through the tour of:

  1. Our new “scrub bar”
  2. Volume controls
  3. The playlist
  4. Full screen mode
  5. Author information
  6. IQpons

The term “scrub bar” refers to widgetry for moving back and forth in the video. Pictured in the middle of the bottom control bar, it shows you the elapsed time out of the total and the amount of the video loaded. Skip forward or back within the loaded area by simply clicking on the bar or even “scrub” through the video by dragging the handle.

Click the volume icon for interactive volume settings and a mute button inside the video panel.

Full screen is one of our most exciting features! Get ready for Free IQ immersion!

The text in the middle of the screen tells you that you can press ESC to exit full screen. The player control at the bottom disappears after a few seconds and re-appears when click on the screen.

Select among related content with the playlist. Note the presence of our estimation of the quality of the content through your input, ReviewRank.

Click the graphic of a person to access the author panel and learn more about this content’s author and jump to his homepage at Free IQ.

With the IQPon, you can hire a Free IQ author for direct consultation! Anyone can create an IQpon product at Free IQ, so put your expertise to work today.

For authors who are not offering consulting services, this button is replaced with Share — the broadcast icon on the far right of the control bar.

From Share, you can get code to put the video on your page, or mail to a friend. This is available in the tabbed widget from Author Info or Playlist as well.

Thanks to Andy Beard for the his writeup of Free IQ today. His core complaint about our player, an inability to get to the product page, is now resolved. You can reach the authors homepage from within the Author Info tab, or the homepage of the currently playing video from the FreeIQ logo on the control bar.

What This Means To You

These improvements have advantages for you, no matter how you use FreeIQ:

As a user – you get an improved user experience, with more viewing options and the ability to easily find out more information on the author or the subject.

As an affiliate – you get more sales, because viewers are more likely to click through to content, the author’s site, or FreeIQ in general. Plus, with ecommerce enabled in the player itself, you’re more likely to get a sale!

As a content provider – users are more likely to watch your video all the way through and to click to your site. Plus, full screen mode makes it so that screen-capture-type videos are more readable, so the learning experience you provide is enhanced.

We think you’ll find this new viewer to be a very cool step forward. We’d like to hear your reactions too by adding a comment below! Try it out with one of the links below:

Stay tuned!

Visit the Free IQ Team blog to read more at!