Mobile Strategy and the Case Against Apps

Great points about apps and the web in this article.

Apps compete with the web for dominance over where people get their content. Apps as games and tools are perfect, but apps for content are not. Content is best on the web, because the web is built for sharing content. The web is open! The web is consolidated and instant and accessible (meaning that any device/browser/screen size/location/etc can already access the web and you can update it anytime and all users see the update instantaneously). The web is also accessible via the defining url. Meaning that it’s a required standard that all assets and bits of content have an address. You can take this address and share it and return to it easily, apps – not so much. You want to share an experience or idea from an app with a friend (sure, some have a process built in), you first check to see if their device has this app available, they want to go through the steps of finding the app and then installing it (likely having to pay money) and then you send them a link have to explain how to get to where the magic happened.

Newfangled, a web agency I respect for being very smart has a great article about this. It was then moved into the basis for a chapter in their ‘The Strategic Web Designer’ Book. I highly recommend them both!

Planning a Mobile Strategy.

Marketing For Apps, Case Study

Here's a great case study about an app that sounds very impressive. It could have done decently on it's own merits, you say? This article describes how it was beneficial and even crucial for them to market the app to make it newsworthy, relative and successful. Some great marketing ideas here.

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The Web Apps or Native Apps Tide

Web apps and native apps are different ends with the same mean, but they have different characteristics. I'm always a fan of the web and accessibility, but also enjoy a nicely designed app when it's useful. Here's a good thought about how Web apps are stacking up vs Native Apps and some hopeful forecasting.

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