Short Head

Use zipf's short head to tune your website rather than redesign the whole thing. To make a website successful it needs to meet the needs of the users. Find out what those needs are by using the short head philosophy to equate most searched things as the biggest needs of the users. Use personas to segment the audience and make sure you've got each audience covered and all their main needs. Then showcase the content that they need.

Every websites could benefit from this process. Every new site or redesign should start with this research and strategy. It does take time and effort, but it has the biggest return on investment in making an effective website. I still think redesigns are still needed, but slapping a new design on a bad architecture and structure benefits no one, especially the user.

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Stop Redesigning And Start Tuning Your Site Instead | Smashing UX Design
Let’s look at why redesigns happen, and some straightforward and inexpensive ways we might avoid them.