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The New Kid on the block… it’s good to see some competition coming to the stock flash world. BuyStockFlash is revving it up. They are positioned to provide a place where flash-ers can upload components, templates, utilities, flv & mp3 players, logos & icons and any other flash elements to sell and earn at least 50% from the proceeds. I haven’t yet uploaded any files, but will once I have some time to do so. They also have a pretty rewarding affiliate program! They let the site speak for itself, displaying a gallery of available files on the homepage. The site just started last fall, is based in Prauge and since they have expanded to become buystocknetwork, including a site for flash, design templates, and sound files!

While the content is still somewhat bare, I’ve seen a few items that are top shelf! I see a lot of potential in this site! Good luck to them and to you, enjoy BuyStockFlash!

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