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A preloader bar that gives full stats, speed, kb, and even remaining download time!

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Preloader with Stats

Clean slick preloader. Rounded bar with gradient fill and bevel and glow filter. All actionscript driven, no animations to bloat file size. Rounded corners don’t distort as width changes.

Includes loading statistics for download.

Calculates the following:

  • Percent Loaded
  • Loaded kilobytes
  • Total kilobytes
  • Average kilobytes per second download speed
  • Remaining dowload time in seconds
  • Gives kilobytes to 2 decimal places without dropping zero’s

To Use:

Easy to use, just paste in frame 1 of your file. (actionscript code included!)


Customize color easily. Edit the fill color of the preloader_bar movie clip in the library.

Customize font easily. Edit the font for the text box named feedback on the text layer of the preloader mc.

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