Sally Kolar Photography

Sally, a great photographer in the Augusta, GA area wanted help putting up a website that was easy to maintain and looked professional. I helped her out and set her up with a wordpress install, some essential plugins and a few themes! She is ecstatic!

Check out the site here: and book her if you’re in the area and want great photography!

One thought on “Sally Kolar Photography

  1. Hallo,

    i’m a fan of this Flash-Portfolio. Very nice.
    Sorry, my english isnt well, but i’m interested in your Flash.
    I have write an email to Sallys Site.
    And i want to write my wishes to you too.

    I want to create a similar thing for my website.
    But i have only flash mx 2004 and i’m not a professional.
    It is possible, to answer you, that you can create a similar Flash to show images on my site?
    Its not a commercial site. Its a fanpage for Tombraider.
    The flashes are only for show.
    Im very happy- when it were possible. I also buy it, when it isnt much expensive.

    Thanks for hear

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