StomperTools: Ranker & Scrutinize This

StomperTools Plugin

StomperLabs is proud to announce another cool, FREE software tool. The StomperTools Firefox plug in! We’re going to pack many tools into this plugin in the future, but to start it off we’ve bundled two functions into this plug in.

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StomperNet Ranker

The first is called StomperNet Ranker, and it allows your prospects to quickly survey the rankings for a keyword query. We built an interactive graphical representation of a search showing results from three top search engines: Google, Yahoo and MSN.
snranker page

How to use StomperNet Ranker?

I’ll give an example… Here’s the page as it loads a search for ‘circlecube’. The green nodes represent Google results, red is Yahoo, and blue is MSN. Each result that is for an identical page is connected with a thin line, and when you hover over a node it will grow and also any nodes for identical pages. Nodes for same domain pages will grow slightly as well to give an idea of the saturation on the search results by the specific domain. Below you can see that I’m hovering over the top-left node (the screen shot helpfully removed my cursor), the title of the page is shown and you can see that the same page (my home page) ir ranked number 1 in Google and MSN (hence the line connecting them, and also they have both grown to be large nodes). Also notice that pages of the same domain ( are at the top 2 slots in Google, the top 3 in Yahoo, and the top 2 in MSN (the medium sized nodes). Hovering over a node displays information to the right of the node chart. Clicking on a node loads that url below the ranker ui. You can also click the Google, Yahoo, and MSN buttons above the chart to see the actual search results at each engine specifically.
snranker closeup
Ranker had the potential to become a great comparative tool for search engine optimization and comparison.

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Scrutinize This

Not only does StomperTools give you access to Ranker right in your browser, but also you can instantly “Scrutinize” any page you’re viewing right from the browser (once you have the Stomper Scrutinizer tool, so go get it too!) Use the plug in to seamlessly aim your Scrutinizer browser to whatever page you’re browsing in Firefox.
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