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Ryan has announced a contest to investigate how Google is actually crawling swfs. He introduced the term “fleximagically searchable” to be included in external content, which is then loaded into the Flex swf. Hoping that google will read the external source file through the swf. Also testing how this shows up in the search results. Even though I think there a lot more to SEO than just letting Google crawl your site, there’s the pagerank and everything that Google uses in it’s top secret algorithm to determine search result position ranks.

Here’s the official rules:

  • It has to be a Flex application
  • ‘Fleximagically Searchable’ must be dynamically loaded. It can’t be static text inside of your application. – But I don’t care how you load it, in fact that might make a difference in how Google ranks you.
  • The first link must be deep linked directly into where you load ‘Fleximagically Searchable’ into your application. Feel free to use any deep linking methods out there.
  • Nothing in your code can dynamically load the phrase automatically. It has to be the result of a user interaction.
  • You must provide source code and be willing to talk about exactly what you did.
  • Multiple entries are allowed if you want to try different things.

They seem to be a bit vague in places, but we’ll see if Ryan decides to clarify anything.

More information: I’ve found that’s helpful at Peter Elst’s post. And Ryan explains Google and Flash’s relationship development here. Here and here is what Google has officially said. Here is the official press release from Adobe about their new

I’ll have a couple entries I’m sure… and I’ll be sure to post about those as well.

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