StomperNet Scrutinizer

StomperNet releases Scrutinizer, software for viewing websites through a simulated fovea vision. Since not everyone could set-up, let alone afford a real eye-tracker. This software uses the mouse pointer as the user’s focal point, or foveal view. It blurs everything except where your focal point (the mouse) is. It is helpful because it forces you to re-think web design from an extreme usability standpoint. This browser software was built in conjunction with Nitobi using Adobe AIR and Flex. I had the chance to do the skinning of the browser in flex! I really hope to have a good excuse to play more with flex.

Scrutinizer Thumbnail

Anyways, check out the free software (master-minded by Andy Edmonds), this ‘Click Fu’ video created to explain it, and the many uses of Scrutinizer.

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