Pog Portfolio – Interactive flash portfolio

An interactive flash portfolio featuring ‘pog’ thumbnails sortable by tags and adjustable properties.

open Circle Cube POG portfolio
Pog Thmb

Circle Cube . com
Toggle the help window with ‘h’.
Click the pogs to explore each piece, if applicaple click the ‘open window’ link.
Pog options are aligned across the top of the bay window, use them to adjust the properties within the bay area. Mix and match until you find your fit. Tag buttons are across the bottom, click to specify the genre of art to display.

Toggle the force of gravity acting on the pogs. Pogs with gravity on will be pulled down and bounce according to mass.
White is on. Black is off.

Toggle the spring or elasticity option. Pogs will hinge to a point and orbit that point.
White is on. Black is off.

Toggle the grid option. The pogs can either form into an array of pogs or move aimlessly in the space.
White is on. Black is off.

Toggle the force of friction acting on the pogs. Pogs with friction will slow down and over time eventually stop.
White is on. Black is off.

Click these tag button descriptors to see only that style of work in the portfolio.
Select all work, video, new media, animation, or drawing.