SVG Preloader with Raphael JS

Here's a very creative use of using a newly available technology. Using svg graphics which are very lightweight, for a website preloader. I like the animation used as well.

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Make a stylish preloader with SVG | Tutorial | .net magazine
Many sites neglect users with slow connections. Ian Culshaw explains how to use SVG library Raphaël to create a preloader that’ll hold the users' attention while pages load

Responsive Images Recap

Thanks to Chris for this high level evaluation of the state of responsive images. THis post lays out descriptions pros and cons of each of the 3 foreseeable options: a new image format, a new syntax/html element or use existing technology.

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On Responsive Images | CSS-Tricks
There are three ways we can go about dealing with responsive s : 1) a new format 2) a new syntax 3) rely on existing hacks.