Link: The developer’s guide to browser adoption rates

Insight into the speeds of browser adoption. A stat to be very interested in if we want to start using more of the new html5/css3 features on production sites. The sad story though, is that IE adoption rates are actually getting worse over time, unlike the rest of the browsers which are becoming very fast.

Link: The developer's guide to browser adoption rates – ( from (author unknown) at .net

Link: Browser Market Pollution: IE[x] is the new IE6

Worrisome points here. The release cycle IE is now projecting is decent, new browsers more often. But what’s far more important than shipping frequency, is the browser half-life; soon there will be way too many configurations of IE for anyone in the web production industry to stay sane. IE10 comes out soon and IE6, IE7 and especially IE8 aren’t going anywhere. So each new IE browser, even if it were clean of bugs, still does nothing to make IE better. No one is using them. Not to mention the rendering mode in each IE browser is different than the last – bringing in bugs almost as random or weird than the ones it reportedly fixes.

Link: Browser Market Pollution: IE[x] is the new IE6 – ( from (author unknown) at Paul Irish