Your Resume IS Your Work, or Your Work IS Your Resume

It's been true for a while: We are needing less and less of a piece of paper that tells potential employers about us. The net is making our work much more transparent. Candidates are googled. A resume can say something about us, but not with the clarity of work. Looking at a developer, check the code in what they've developed, designer, check the designs online. Github is a great example, open code online for all to see, fork and even patch. Ryan proposes that we should judge a github repo success by it's patches and commits rather than it's forks. That means it is an active project and is converging into a community effort rather than branches or ideas.

I add that our website and blog should act as a resume too, a big reason to why I even started blogging:

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Even for Companies: Github is your Resume | Ryan Stewart – Mountaineer Coding
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