Thematic now on Github

I've been a huge fan of Thematic and it's great to see the code development move to github to take advantage of the community of developers that will help in making it better and keeping it from being stagnant! This goes a long way in removing barriers from those that are interested in helping. I hope to help make it better too.

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Thematic Development Moves to Github
Visually, the Github website makes me feel like we're not coding in the dark ages any more, I personally find the git fork and pull idea more intuitive and inclusive, but the biggest benefit (in my so…

2 thoughts on “Thematic now on Github

  1. hi evan! thanks for writing about us! i worked really hard this weekend with karin (aka middlesister) and we hope to have 1.0.3 out within the next few weeks. it is mostly done but we need to give the translators time to update their translations.since our focus was on a massive string overhaul about half the strings have changed, which will wreak minor havoc on all the international users of thematic.

    are you on github? would you be interested in writing a tutorial for how people can set up a fork and keep it updated from the core? just getting set up with SSH was a real pain for me and I could see people struggling with it. and i am still learning the proper workflow. send me an email if you are interested or if there is something else you’d like to help with…. like documentation? or designing a thematic ‘showcase’? there’s plenty of work to do and we need more people! 🙂 cheers!

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