Web Designer Workflow Notes from The Coyier

Some great notes and links about workflow. I think the workflow for building a website is something that should be discussed more around the web. We get excited and talk a lot about the tiny details, like vendor-prefixes and preprocessors and git and even sometimes deployment. I'm a big picture person and seeing a whole process from beginning to end helps visualize how everything fits together. I'm currently working on documenting SOP for websites, and the docs seem to grow endlessly. You never realize how many different facets web designers are expected and even need to be expert in just to make a competent website these days. Thanks for sharing the notes Chris, sounds like a great workshop.

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Notes from my "Web Designer's Workflow" Workshop at Interlink 2012 | CSS-Tricks
A bunch of notes from a workshop I just did in Vancouver, Canada at the Interlink conference.