Responsive Images Recap

Here's another recap on the state of responsive images. This one from the Filament Group, who was involved in the Boston Globe redesign. It discusses their solutions and the problems with them and then the newly suggested picture html element and a call for the need of bandwidth detecting media queries. I'm still concerned about bandwidth detection. I think somehow there should be a setting that lets users decide if they want high res images (when supported) or the faster low res images. If I'm just browsing on a laptop tethered to a phone with 4g and paying for every kilobyte, I may not want to download a large image just because I can. I agree we need better ways to server appropriately sized images, but I don't want to force anything on a user. Although a popup asking them if they want every large image is not practical either… I'm glad this discussion is continuing though!

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The state of responsive images | Feature | .net magazine
Designer/developer Mat “Wilto” Marquis takes a look at the img tag, explains why a largest-size-fits-all approach to images is untenable and discusses different solutions in this ongoing saga