New Flash gives Key input in Fullscreen

This is a huge hand to gaming in flash, which is quickly becoming a big driver to the flash roadmap. Lee shows a quick tut on how to accomplish this here. I like this solution from Adobe and thought initially it should have been something similar. Better late than never though.

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Flash Player 11.3 fullscreen keyboard input
One of the greatest features in Flash Player 11.3 is the ability to accept full keyboard input while in fullscreen mode. This is really important for fullscreen games that need chat or other keyboard input. You can implement this feature very easily by using the FULL_SCREEN_INTERACTIVE mode. See below for the ActionScript code:
1 stage .displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN_INTERACTIVE ;
Much like regular fullscreen mode, you need to add a parameter to your HTML code. See the code belo…