Is webkit the new ie6?

All browsers are on the verge of implementing the webkit vendor prefix because developers have been building for webkit only specifically. This old article from Bruce Lawson (of Opera) rings even more true today. He states that the horrid broken non standard state of the ie6 web was not always seen as that. IE6 was the first to support many features of CSS and honestly was a step in the right direction. The main problem was that it was only one step, and then no more for years. The web dev community built according to the browser rather than according to standards! Doing this created the trap that is IE still today, as it's forced to support old specific non-standards code as well as future thinking standards based and everything between. Let's build for standards and let the browsers support it rather than bend to each browsers whim and build for them specifically. This creates a disjointed complicated setting where we worry about browsers and OS still. In a time when we are diverging and numbers of browsers and devices are compounding, standards is our sanity! Please, for the sake of … well, standards!

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: In praise of Internet Explorer 6

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  1. Ah IE6. I'd have 2 more years of sleep without IE6. Margin doubling, no properties, flawed box model, even strange splits between divs from comments. We used a checklist of about 80 IE6 workarounds. It's down to 0.65% of the market on sites we serve, so it's finally goign away on it's own.

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