Instant Install

Tired of uploading and unzipping the latest build of your favorite CMS when you start a new project? Here's a time saver, just upload one php file and click a button. Instand Install from 9miles Media (NC). It loads the latest to your server and unpacks it, then takes you to the install page to connect to the database! I was floored when I first tried it with how fast it worked. I was finding that I did this so often and got tired of waiting for all the files to upload, since I can't unzip a file via transmit, and I was searching around to find a terminal tutorial to hlep me learn to do this via the command line… But this app came up in a post and I tried it, which proves that I can continue to avoid the terminal in favor of using better designed (at least as fast) solutions. =)

Anyone have any experience with the app or any others they prefer (or even a detail to how to do it via command line)?

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Instant Install – Quickly and easily install WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more
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