Circlecube Freshens Up … for you!

Thanks for your patience as I’ve been tinkering with the theme, layout and css of

I started with a free theme from Justin Tadlock, Options Theme, available at theme hybrid. I’ve changed that theme quite a bit, from restyling it to fixing bugs I found and updated many other things on the site as well. So the reason I’m going on about it is I think I’m finished… and I’m asking you to let me know if you see anything that looks odd or fishy, or even just want to make a suggestion or comment on how much you like/hate the redesign. Comment on this post or contact me!

And as always, if there’s something you would like me to write about or have questions you can also contact me. I’ve even set up a poll in the sidebar showing post ideas I have which you can vote on and encourage me to write the one(s) you want most first! So let me know what you want, it encourages me to write more as well. And be sure to subscribe to the circlecube rss feed so you won’t miss anything that’s coming up!

2 thoughts on “Circlecube Freshens Up … for you!

  1. It’s all nice and everything, pretty simple design, but how can you have not tested in firefox? Are you not aware of your header / logo getting chopped in half by your content area?

    Some of the code is a bit nasty, spans inside h’s tsk tsk 🙂

    I would be tempted to stick all those javascript functions into a single file and call it too, seems like way too much is happening in the head.

  2. I use ff3 primarily. Never saw that bug you speak of, but I did notice it in ie… So – fixed.

    Ya, I hate block elements wrapped in inline elements as much as the next guy. must have been a part of the source theme that I overlooked. Thanks for the heads up- fixed.

    All the js and css in the header is managed by wordpress, so I’ll let that be. I should at least double check that I have any unused plugins disabled so they aren’t loading css and/or js files for all my visitors and not doing anything- tempted, but nah.

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