Adobe Flash Player 10 | Astro | Beta Release

As you may have heard today Adobe released Astro, Flash Player 10 Beta!

    Highlight Features:

  • Create Custom Filters and Effects (with Pixel Blender)
  • Performance Boosts (GPU blitting and compositing)
  • Drawing API Enhancements
  • Vector Data Types
  • New Highly Flexible Text Engine
  • 3D Support and Effects
  • Automatic Variable Bitrates for video streams
  • Larger Bitmap Support
  • Better File Reference (user uploading)
  • Context Menu Enhancements

Press Release
Official Download at Adobe Labs of Flash Player 10 Beta code named Astro
Official Release Notes
Also released is Pixel Blender (Hydra) – which allows custom filter and effect creation!

Adobe is also reworking the Sound API as well, here’s an example from Keith and Tinic’s Posts (as always with much detail): Adobe is Making Some Noise Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3!

Dont forget to visit the official Demos at Adobe Labs – Flash 10 Demos at Adobe Labs

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