Free IQ Player integrates Google Analytics for Video

As announced, the Free IQ Media Player now incorporates Google Analytics with it’s custom flash video player. Simply put, users may upload their own content (or even use anyone else’s content that is on Free IQ), embed it on their own sites and then view the tracking/logging/usage/analytics/metrics it their own Google analytics account. You don’t have to do anything- the player will do it automatically, but if you don’t have google analytics installed on your site, nothing happens. So go ahead and sign up, it’s free and very useful.

This works with both versions of Google analytics tracking code. Recently Google updated the code they give users to enhance the functionality of the analytics they give you in their reports. Some have voiced concern about whether they can update to the new code and still use the Free IQ video tracking, now the answer is yes! This new updated player works with the new Google Analytics Tracking Code! Others have voiced a concern that they aren’t ready to update the Google code on the rest of their site yet, this is not a problem either. The Free IQ Player works with either version of the GATC (Google Analytics Tracking Code). It would even work with both… say you had a site with some old code and some new code, the player knows and will tell Google what people are doing with this player on your site.

free IQ google analytics search filter screenshot
To see the report, go to your google analytics account, click on ‘Content’, and then ‘Top Content’. This page shows you the most viewed pages on your site. You can filter the report by typing in the box under the list of urls. Find the ‘Find Url’ box (be sure ‘containing’ is selected in the drop-down) and type ‘freeiqvideo/’. Press ‘go’ and you should see all the analytics for the Free IQ player on your site! All the analytics from the player start with ‘freeiqvideo/’ in the url path and we’ve organized all the analytics into three different types: Video, Actions and Navigation. Every time someone does any of these things on your site, google analytics will log a pageview to a certain page. This certain page changes and depends upon what the user did exactly. When a user visits your site and begins to watch a certain video called ‘My Cool Video’, google analytics logs a pageview to ‘freeiqvideo/playstart/mycoolvideo! Notice that the title of the video is incorporated into the report, this helps determine which video is more popular and such. The title of the video is the title you give Free IQ upon uploading your content and can usually also be found at

This information can be very helful as you think about which video to place or keep on your site, and even where to put it. You can also see how many times the video was finished (freeiqvideo/playcomplete/mycoolvideo). This can be very useful to help you determine if your video is too long, too boring, or on the other end very engaging- it’s essentially your video bounce rate.

Other than video tracking, the Free IQ Player also logs to google analytics actions users have with the player itself. The Free IQ Player enables users to share your content with others. There are interactions with the player for users to email a link to their friends about the content they are watching, get html codes to embed that content onto their own site, and even share the content with any of a number of social bookmarking sites! If someone were to use the Free IQ Player to link to your content through a popular the report would log a pageview at ‘freeiqvideo/PlayerInteraction/SharedVideo/delicious/mycoolvideo’! You will see which bookmarking service was used and what content was bookmarked! You will know what users are doing with your content!

free IQ google analytics player Navigation
And lastly you can see how users navigate through the embedded Free IQ Player. Inside the player, users are presented with information about the content they watch. All this information is organized into tabbed windows. Every time a user view’s this information, the player logs to google analytics a page view. These logs are independent of the content, so the url reported does not include the video Title as before. An example is a user views the author window is: /freeiqvideo/PlayerNav/WindowSelected/author.

Here is the breakdown of all the logging from the Free IQ Player to Google Analytics:
Video Tracking:
Play Started: /freeiqvideo/playstart/mycoolvideo
Play Completed: /freeiqvideo/playcomplete/mycoolvideo

Embed Codes Copied: /freeiqvideo/PlayerInteraction/EmbedCodesCopied/mycoolvideo
Email Sent: /freeiqvideo/PlayerInteraction/EmailSent/mycoolvideo
Bookmark: /freeiqvideo/PlayerInteraction/SharedVideo/bookmarkingService/mycoolvideo

Author Tab Selected: /freeiqvideo/PlayerNav/WindowSelected/author
Playlist Tab Selected: /freeiqvideo/PlayerNav/WindowSelected/playlist
IQPON Tab Selected: /freeiqvideo/PlayerNav/WindowSelected/iqpon
Share Tab Selected: /freeiqvideo/PlayerNav/WindowSelected/share
Email Tab Selected: /freeiqvideo/PlayerNav/WindowSelected/email
Embed Tab Selected: /freeiqvideo/PlayerNav/WindowSelected/embed

This is the list of current integration with Google Analytics from the Free IQ Player. If you have any questions or requests, feel free to comment here or contact Free IQ.

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