Before You Report that Bug, Use this Pre-Contact, Self-Diagnosis Routine

Wisdom for bug reporting from Newfangled

There are a few things a developer usually needs to know in order to diagnose a bug, and these are the things we’re likely to come back and ask you about if you haven’t already provided them. So, to ensure we can help you as quickly as possible, here’s a pre-contact, self-diagnosis routine to help guide you in reporting a problem. 

1. Can the Issue Be Reproduced on Other Computers or Devices?

2. What environment are you encountering the bug in?

3. Did you clear your cache?

4. Call vs Email.

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The first step to being able to fix bugs is having the right information about what is causing them. I can’t say how many times I’ve been tasked with a bug that I can’t reproduce. It ends up taking longer to diagnose it than it does to fix it, or to rule it out as some issue that’s already been fixed and was just caused by cache… The world of bug reporters should read the article though to help exterminate the bugs…