Beulah Henderson Riley Book

Beulah Henderson Riley is my grandmother, I always clled her Gran-B. This is her ‘autobiography’ which I added photos to and made into a book on blurb. I’m planning on creating a new more graphically aesthetic book in inDesign soon, so check back for that!

Beulah Henderson Riley – The Book

Beulah Henderson Riley. A book created by combining Beulah’s personal life story and other writings with family photographs. Created and Edited by Evan Mullins. Order a physical copy through Evan’s store at

Her autobiography and personal history. Born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia she tells her family history and recounts events in her life. Also contains local church history for the Roanoke Virginia area. Also features actual family photographs to coinside with her writings.

Appendix also contains:

  • A presentation she prepared for her mother Osceola Ferguson Henderson entitles “This is Your Life”.
  • A talk she gave in Sacrament meeting discussing church history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Roanoake area.
  • A talk give by her daughter, Suzanne Riley Mullins, at her funeral in 1993.

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