Speaking at WordCamp Wilmington about the WordPress API

I am speaking this weekend in North Carolina at WordCamp Wilmington. I thought I had posted this weeks ago, but apparently not, so as I finish my slides for the talk, I’m also announcing that I’m giving it. I have never been to Wilmington and am excited to check it out!

I was asked after my presentation in Raleigh to share with Wilmington as well, and they selected a topic I submitted about the API. I’m happy to share what I know and help others grasp what a cool tool this is and how it will change the landscape of the web.

Here’s the talk description:

It’s here, what can I do with it now? A couple case studies on how to use the API and code samples to get you started. It allows us to further separate the data from the code. Use WordPress as a CMS and then via the API easily access or update that data to power whatever we like. We’ll touch how to set it up and a handful of examples and then explore an iOS app pulling all it’s data and assets from a WordPress site via this API.

I’m discussing the API history and roadmap a little as well as how to use it and what for. I’ve got some usage examples with code to show that it’s not very hard to get started and it opens up many many possible uses of WordPress. In a nutshell, rather than getting your content or data via a webpage as part of a website (php, html, css and javascript), you can retrieve your data via the API.  You’ll get json data that is compact and fast to transfer and then you can do endless things with it. Create an app, load it into another website, analyze it as data…

Here are the example uses:

  1. Mobile App – Content via API
  2. Mobile App – Custom endpoint to API
  3. WordPress Plugin – POST content to API
  4. External site – GET Content via API
  5. WordPress Plugin – using js client

Come check it out, my slides and other presentations (most with videos) are listed on my WordPress page at circlecube.com/does-wordpress/

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