An Event Apart Notes: Jeffrey Zeldman, Content First!

Very exciting to hear THE Zeldman!

Do designers actually control what a site always looks like? What is a web designers job anyways? It’s to serve the customer/user, an advocate to give all users a better experience.

Bebo became synonymous for spam for only carrying about conversions no matter what they had to do to get them. Clearing your throat doesn’t always mean you want to go to Berlin!

Design that does not serve people, does not serve business.

Were here to study best practices. Good Web design starts with content. Content should precede design. Templates are not that!

Blogger template design story. Jeffrey and friends were excited to design blog templates with Web standards in mind! But very hard to design a site with no idea what the content would be.

Progressive enhancement: good experience for all! Http:// Adaptive Web design and responsive Web design = progressive enhancement taken to the next level.

1. Content is a design problem. Goss Web design starts with content. Yet our designers are often hostile to content.
2. If our designers don’t serve content, users well find ways to get the content anyway. enhancement rethinks design to put great user experience (and content) first.
4. Responsive and mobile are creating a new interactive design landscape that puts users and content first.