An Event Apart Notes: Jake Archibald, In Your @font-face

Disclaimer: I have less notes for Jake, but only because it was the most entertaining presentation and he kept my attention so well I neglected my notes.

Font-face has been around a while but no progress. It’s taken us 18 years to get to the point we are at now. This is ridiculous! People are born and receive their complete education in this same amount of time, and browsers, font foundries and wc3 haven’t worked out how to allow fonts online!

ttf – true type

Font squirrel

Font foudries hate you.

Story about earphones landing in the toilet. that is how fonts online makes us feel.

Web font loader

The phases of the internet with media:

  1. Internet is coming, run!
  2. Sell, but with ball and chain attached
  3. Make buying easier and more pleasant than pirating

Serve ttf and eof in a way that works:

He showed lots of text results and different ways different browsers each failed to load fonts in a desirable way: (