If you didn’t know, Grant Skinner has introduced an interesting competition called tweetcoding!

Mixing as3 with the 140 character limit of tweeting he calls for the community to tweet visually interesting source code.

I’ve played a bit with it and tweeted my first #tweetcoding entry! See more tweetcoding here

[cc lang=”actionscript”]
g.clear(),o[++i]={x:mouseX,y:mouseY,c:r()*0xFFFFFF};for each(k in o)k.c*=.9,g.beginFill(k.c),ls(i,k.c),g.drawCircle(k.x,k.y,1),g.endFill();

Want to see my entry? Here it is!

tweetcode_circlecube_a png

One thought on “#tweetcoding

  1. Some poor kid is lying on the floor twitching after staring at that for too long. Nice! It’s pretty cool what everyone was able to come up with in so little code, goodjob.

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