Reason Live @ Caledonia Lounge 5 Feb 2004

REASON ~ Live at the Caledonia Lounge ~ 5 February 2004

If you know me you probably know that I love music, and that I love to play music…

I have been in a few bands before, not for the money (cause there wasn’t any), nor the fame (not much of that either), but for the fun. Looking through my old stuff, I found a recording of what I consider the most fun concert I played. I’ve talked with people about the “rocking” days and had no point of reference, so here it is, the point of reference. I just wanted a place to put this for anyone that’s interested. Because at home, these tracks aren’t doing much- other than collecting dust. So noticing that it is now over four years old, I want to give it away for the musically minded out there. Enjoy!

This is Reason, the band, which is now dis-banded, but we had fun while it lasted.

Reason was: Chris Scredon, Evan Mullins and Rhett Coleman

Here is the set list from the show (note my favorites):

01 Intro
02 On the Riverbed
03 Miss America
04 Cats Have Freedom Too
05 Aquarius
06 Broken Bones
07 Time And Again
08 Shout (Beatles cover)
09 Goodbye To Forever
10 Never Needed
11 Lullabye
12 Nathaniel
13 Holiday

The songs are all copyright to either Reason or Chris.

For more info visit the old reason website I made, this outdated MySpace page, but more likely the latest on bandcamp.