FLEX | 360 Atlanta | Day 1

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Matt Chotin – Keynote

Review: The big announcement! Air 1 and Flex 3 are here! And what more Flex has gone open source, well done!
And I can’t continue without mentioning Matt’s Flex Flex Behind the Scenes Video

John Mason – FlexUnit and Unit Testing

John talked about his FusionLink and TDD (test driven development).
Unit testing – is making test files that automatically tests your code for logical errors. We know the compiler will catch any syntax errors or things like that, but what about logic?
ASUnit – unit testing framework for actionscript
I will definately be looking into Unit Testing, I’ll probably go the ASUnit route, as I mostly code in actionscript.
We talked a bit about ANT, an automating Build processes which sounds very exciting for a few projects I’m working on.
Some key points I took away: some unit testing is better than none.
It is more work at first, but in the long run can and usually will save lots of time.
The computer can automate a lot of the heavy lifting. Another good ides is to include unitTesting classes in your svn repository.
Here’s the lecture notes:
source and slides @ labs.fusionlnk.com
video of presentation @ http://www.carehart.org/ugtv

Ben Forta – Flex and latest Cold Fusion

A lot of this went over my head, but I am not a cold fusion expert, like the majority of those who attended this section. But hey, now at least I’ve seen some cold fusion! I just had to go and hear Ben Forta!

Jeff Houser – Code reuse with Flex and AIR

Great presentation discussing reusing code in AIR and Flex. I should have taken better notes, a great side note is I am now a subscriber of The Flex Show!

(Jesse Warden) – Big And Famous

How to succeed as an independent developer (to which append ‘or designer’)
Great session, I realy like the open discussion we had. I’m guessing because Jesse wasn’t there (he’s actually in the hospital, get well soon Jesse). Doug Mccune and Juan Sanchez headed up the discussion. Doug had a slide show about branding yourself which I totally agree with.
1. Blog – I hands down agree with this. The blog is the new resume, and plus the new portfolio. I use it as a place to collect code I want to remember (I figure if I’m keeping it I mght as well share it and showcase it. Might as well document the work I do cause I am already doing the work)
2. Use your name (or alias) – Yes it is definately nice to have a presence, and without a name I don’t think it’s really possible. Doug felt strongly to use your name and face and be very personal, I think as a developer that is important, although there are imporant advantages to having an alias and logo rather than a name/face, as Juan is proof of with ScaleNine (who is more of a designer).
3. Use your face
4. Make a Logo
5. Make Business cards
6. Be social and active in the blogosphere. – This one is important. You gotta do it all the way. If you’re a blogger wanting to et better known, be involved in the blogosphere! Communicate with others and comment on what you’re reading from others as well.

Well that sums up the official first day of Flex 360 Atlanta!

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